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Packrafting Tours in Leipzig

Packrafting on the channels of Leipzig

Sometimes pictures can tell more than words. Have a look at this video.

On this tour we discover the western part of the town for about 3 to 4 hours.

We start at the Sachsenbrücke ("Saxony bridge"), one of Leipzigs most attractive venues and paddle through the trendy areas of Schleußig, Plagwitz and Lindenau. We pass by creative centers, old industrial architecture and follow the paths which brought Leipzig the nickname "Hypezig".
Of course, a stop at one of the cafés in Plagwitz should not be missed. The way back we either paddle on the water or walk - just as you like.

Booking is available in April, May and June 2018! Check out the dates in the calendar.


  • between 40,00 € p.P.(minimum rate) up to 60,00 € p.P.- Normally each tour would have to cost 50,00 € p.P. Who can afford it pays more and affords that way the joy of a packrafting tour to people with less money!
  • not including café
  • payment in cash after the tour

Participants: max. 3 persons (alteration in exceptional cases possible)

Duration: 3 to 4 hours


  • own packraft with paddle, and PFD (in addition about 3 kg)
  • short crash course in packrafting
  • guided tour with information about the town (in english / auf deutsch / en español)
  • stop at a café

Required gear / supplies:

  • none

In case of booking a tour you need to accept the general terms and conditions. Booking request via e-mail, phone call or text.


Start and arrival: Saxony Bridge, Clara-Zetkin-Park

lucky packrafter

... enjoy the freedom of hiking and paddling in one trip! In this way you can think about "being outdoors" in a new way.

hiking boots

... discover hidden paths without borders. With the ultra-light and durable inflatables there are heaps of different possibilities!

orange tent

... find fantastic places in remote nature. Packrafters are adventurers who explore secrets!

Discover our tours!

We are operating in different regions of Europe, esp. Montenegro, Italy and Germany. Choose between "half-day trips" up to 4 hours, "day trips" and "multi-day trips" and just click the link in the pictures. You can find videos of the tours in our youtube channel.

  • Venice, Italy

  • Weisse Elster, Germany

  • Leipzig, Germany

  • Tara - Canyon, Montenegro

  • Lake Skadar, Montenegro


Do you want to book a tour? Send us a message and we will answer as soon as possible. Tell us important details like date, number of persons, skills ... Please use contact[at]packrafting-tours.com

In 2019 we offer dates in Germany and Montenegro:

  • weekends from 11th of May until 13th of July day trip on river Weisse Elster south of Leipzig, Germany
  • from 29th of July until 16th of August multi-day trips in Montenegro (Tara-Canyon and Lake Skadar)
  • weekends from 24th of August until 26th of October day trip on river Weisse Elster south of Leipzig, Germany

For half-day trips in Leipzig there are more flexible possibilities ... even in winter, if you like!

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With Packrafting Tours we wish people to take part and truly participate in our idea: Imagine yourself exploring, wherever your feet and water can carry you. Just set off to new shores, on new paths. Discover secrets off the beaten track. All you need is a backpack filled with a few essentials and a tiny, lightweight inflatable. Nothing else.

Our Idea is for you to enjoy every single moment and to be wholly present. To be outdoors and find tranquility. To experience this certain slowness which is really rare in everyday life.

Packrafting Tours is an idea. And much more: living.

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